Join us on Saturday, November 21 to learn about Deer Valley Farm and sample their locally- raised venison. Irene, Deer Valley Farm's farmer, will be here to answer questions and provide culinary ideas and inspiration for her venison. 4Life Natural Foods is proud to now offer all cuts of venison from this wonderful local producer. 

Our herd of Red Deer are born & raised on our family farm, surrounded in a peaceful, pastoral setting in Dufferin County. Our natural approach to animal husbandry results in happy, healthy animals. Mating & fawning take place naturally, in the meadows, without intervention, following the natural cycles of the animals. Fawns stay with their mothers allowing for natural-rearing. They have freedom to roam outdoors, year-round, grazing on organic open pastures, seasonally. In winter they forage on hay grown on-farm using organic practices. We do not use any chemicals, drugs, genetically modified feeds or growth promoters.